Drlik Classic Composite 3.0 complete wheel

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Complete rubber wheel: 75x44 mm

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Wheel speed:

Product description

Medium speed rubber wheel with diameter 75 mm and width 44 mm with bearings, washers, bolt and nut for roller skis CLASSIC COMPOSITE III. The wheel stands out for its very good durability, which makes it particularly suitable for training purposes. For racing purposes, it is preferable to fit the skis with Swenor No. 2 wheels, which are slightly faster.

If you prefer to go fast, you should choose the FAST wheels, which are approximately 10% faster. On the other hand, if you prefer to make your training a bit harder, then choose the SLOW wheels, which are approximately 10% slower than the MEDIUM option.

Suitable not only for Drlik Classic Composite 3.0 roller skis, but also for skis of other brands, e.g. SWENOR FIBREGLASS, SWENOR ALUTECH.

Weight: 256 g