Drlik RS100 Skate complete wheel

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Product description

Complete replacement rubber wheel with dimensions 100 mm (diameter) x 24 (width) and hardness 78 SHA with high quality NSK 608 DD bearings, washers, bolt and nut. 

Ski model?

Drlik Alu 1.0/other manufacturers - choose this option if you have Drlik SKATE ALU 1.0, SKATE RC 100, SKATE RS 100, SKATE ELITE 100, SKATE G 100 or if you are looking for a spare wheel for other manufacturers' roller skis.

Composite 3.0/Alu 2.0 - choose this option if you have Drlik Composite 3.0 or Alu 2.0 roller skis

SKATE RS 100 - MEDIUM (No. 2) corresponds to average snow conditions in terms of speed and is thus generally one of the slower wheels. It can therefore be used, for example, to slow down the Drlik Skate Composite roller skis. This is the best selling speed of these wheels. Wheels RS 100 - MEDIUM very high durability

SKATE RS 100 - SLOW (No. 3) corresponds to "spring" snow conditions with its speed. Especially suitable for strength training. Can also be used in combination with RS 100 - MEDIUM wheels. In this combination we recommend to place the RS 100 - SLOW wheels in front

SKATE RS 100 - FAST (No. 1) is the same speed as on frozen snow and thus belongs to the faster wheels. The speed is more or less the same as the RC 100, but the RS wheels are more durable.Can also be used in combination with the RS 100 - MEDIUM wheels. For this combination, we recommend placing the RS 100 - FAST wheels at the front.

We recommend replacing the castors whenever the diameter of the castor has decreased to approximately 90 mm. This is because the centre of the wheel can crack with less rubber.

Weight: 216 g (one complete wheel)