Drlik Classic Composite 3.0 roller ski

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Roller skis with flexible composite frame

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Product description

The Drlik Classic Composite roller skis have a composite beam made with similar technology as cross-country skis. They are designed for comfortable riding and for technique training. Composite roller skis provide greater ride comfort and better vibration damping than aluminium skis.  The medium speed wheels are optimal for training and endurance. The front wheel is equipped with an anti-reverse mechanism to allow bounce from skis.


  • Wheel size: 75 x 44 mm (medium speed rubber wheels).
  • Weight: 2225 g/pair
  • Length: 700 mm
  • Weight limit: 90 kg
  • Mudguards included

It is very important - especially for classic skis - to let the skis dry thoroughly after riding in the rain or on wet asphalt. Otherwise the anti-reverse mechanism may corrode. Store roller skis in a dry and warm place over the winter. The skis do not require any other maintenance.

If you are interested in fitting the bindings, please specify in the note the size of the boot on which you want to fit the bindings. 

Roller skis come standard with Classic Composite - MEDIUM wheels, which correspond to the common winter conditions in our country and can be considered an ideal choice for beginners and advanced skiers. However, we can also equip the skis with other wheel speeds on request (just specify in the notes) If you prefer fast skiing, you should choose FAST wheels, which are approximately 10% faster. On the other hand, if you prefer to make your training a bit harder, then choose the SLOW wheels, which are approximately 10% slower than the MEDIUM version.

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