Drlik Classic Composite 3.0 s complete ratchet wheel

Kód: CL-comp-AR

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Complete rubber wheel with anti-reverse: 75x44 mm

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Wheel speed:

Product description

Medium speed rubber wheel with diameter 75 mm and width 44 mm with anti-reverse mechanism for CLASSIC COMPOSITE roller skis. The wheels have a very good durability, which makes them particularly suitable for training purposes. For racing purposes, it is preferable to fit the skis with Swenor No. 2 wheels, which are slightly faster. 

If you prefer to go fast, you should choose the FAST wheels, which are approximately 10% faster. On the other hand, if you prefer to make your training a bit harder, then choose the SLOW wheels, which are approximately 10% slower than the MEDIUM version.

Suitable not only for Drlik Classic Composite 3.0 roller skis, but also for skis of other brands, e.g. SWENOR FIBREGLASS, SWENOR ALUTECH.

ATTENTION: If you have older roller skis with the Composite CL ST marking (usually written in blue), please let us know in the note, the roller needs to be fitted with a different axle 

Weight: 303 g