Drlik RC100 Skate complete wheel

Kód: SkRc100komplet

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Product description

Rubber wheel with aluminium hub, diameter 100 mm, width 24 mm, with waterproof bearings, spacer, washers and bolt with nut.

Ski model?
Drlik Alu 1.0/other manufacturers - choose this option if you have Drlik SKATE ALU 1.0, SKATE RC 100, SKATE RS 100, SKATE ELITE 100, SKATE G 100 or if you are looking for a spare wheel for other manufacturers' roller skis.
Composite 3.0/Alu 2.0 - choose this option if you have Drlik Composite 3.0 or Alu 2.0 roller skis

Although the SKATE RC 100 replacement wheel is a medium speed wheel, it is definitely one of the faster ones.

We recommend replacing the wheels whenever the wheel diameter decreases to approximately 90 mm. This is because with less rubber, the centre of the wheel can crack. 

Weight: 217 g (one complete wheel)